Digital Painter, Abstraction Artist, Fine Art Photographer

SENSU ORCHIS – digital abstraction

SENSU ORCHIS – digital abstract

In the digital abstract works of the series „SENSU ORCHIS„, Maria Tehia combines hyperrealism with graphic manipulation. The artist creates unique compositions made of photos of flowers. Using digital abstracts, she transforms them into colorful compositions. 

What is unique in this series is the creative use of everyday items. They are mainly orchid flowers – hence the name of the series – SENSU ORCHIS. Maria Tehia combines them in such a way that it is difficult to read the components that make up the entire composition. Multiplications, reflections, repetitions, rhythmic volts. As a result of using digital abstract, the compositions created by the artist resemble informel painting.

Concept of digital art

Maria’s digital abstract artworks exude order. Everything in perfect harmony. The theme of nature that surrounds us. Such a juxtaposition allows the author to freely express universal, non-material, spiritual values. Maria’s works are a record of the code of life. It is a combination of a perfect abstract with nature..

Maria’s artworks are not governed by the rules of realism. Despite the use of real objects in her graphic, her work is abstract. The deformation is so significant that it blurs the image of the prototypes. This is the artist’s goal – to break away from everyday life. Creating art from everyday life. It is, in a sense, conceptual art. The medium of this art is digital abstract.

The author freely combines various fanciful elements in her digital abstract. She uses stylization, simplification and multiplication of realistic forms or even geometric abstraction. One can see the main lines from a distance. Up close, we see more and more details of the photographed objects. We can even recognize abstract forms.