Digital Painter, Abstraction Artist, Fine Art Photographer

SENSU ORCHIS abstract pieces of art

Maria Tehia SENSU ORCHIS abstract pieces of art

The IAXAI Art Gallery has decided to organize an exhibition of abstract pieces of art. An exhibition of works of Maria Tehia, an independent artist. She works in several different styles. She photographs nature, architecture and, above all, creates abstract compositions.

Her abstract artworks are transformations of photos taken in nature. Using digital processing, Maria changes the image into abstract forms. The IAXAI Art Gallery is open to new artist initiatives. Maria’s exhibition is an example of new trends in art. Digital art is becoming more and more popular and recognized.

The gallery, apart from organizing the exhibition, supports artists in the making of reproductions and their sale. All digitally created abstract pieces of art are reproduced in a maximum of 25 pieces. Each of the works is signed and has a certificate of authenticity signed by the author. The sale of reproductions allows for a more mass presentation of the artist’s works and makes it more accessible to art lovers.

Digital photography

The IAXAI Art Gallery works with photographers. Its offer includes a wide range of black and white works. All works can be purchased framed if needed. The artist creates unique compositions made of photos of flowers. Using digital abstraction, she transforms them into fanciful and abstract puzzles. One has to carefully look at her works to recognize the objects that make up the painting.

An important area of ​​the work of the IAXAI art gallery is the cooperation with designers and interior decorators. There are over 700 works in the gallery repository available for immediate sale. All pieces of art signed by Maria Tehia form a separate collection. The artist, working with art professionals, offers entire collections. The set includes 12 unique abstract pieces of art. With this form of sale, IAXAI refers to the tradition of selling folders with series graphics by modernist artists. This formula is especially attractive for collectors.