Digital Painter, Abstraction Artist, Fine Art Photographer

NEW YORK – photography at Art Gallery IAXAI

Maria Tehia – NEW YORK – photography at Art Gallery IAXAI

The IAXAI Art Gallery once again presented the works of the abstract photographer Maria Tehia. This time, the artist exhibited city landscapes. All photos were taken in New York. The city, hero of this exhibition has been portrayed in a very unique way. The artist was looking for inspiration in architecture. Her city art is unique and combines large-scale graphics with expressively intense colors.

All works on display at the IAXAI Art Gallery have been digitally processed. Digital art allows you to reproduce your work in any format. The artist decided to display her works in three extreme sizes. These are miniatures, medium-sized works and large-format prints. In this way, collectors can choose the size of the work to suit their needs. The work can be purchased as a gift, for interior decoration or for display in large public spaces.

As the works are digital reproductions, the artist decided to limit the circulation of each work to 15 copies. On the one hand, the limited version of the work is more affordable, on the other hand, it is an element of the promotion of digital art.

Synesthetic vernisage

The vernissage at the IAXAI Art Gallery was combined with an unusual experiment. The artist is a synesthetic and decided to share her experiences. So that each picture can be perceived individually, they are combined with music. It was possible thanks to headsets connected with sound players. Freestyle jazz musicians were invited to cooperate. Each painting incorporated into the IAXAI Art Gallery was an inspiration for several musicians. The audience could compare the very individual approach of the musicians to the interpretation of images perceived through the senses of sight.

The IAXAI Art Gallery is open to new artist initiatives. Synesthetic sessions have already taken place in the gallery before. This time combined with digital photography.