Digital Painter, Abstraction Artist, Fine Art Photographer

Photographer and painter. She’s traveled the world in search of modern and traditional spaces and iconic views. Her artwork explores the tension and coexistence of nature. Maria’s art practice consists of an exploration of urban spaces in fusion with human environments. The artist uses both analog and digital techniques.

Very often she focuses on texture and abstract color compositions. She creates also intermedial artwork – analog photos are used for digital modifying process to create totally new images. Discreet colors, surface structures and textures inspired by environment and nature are producing completely new abstract compositions or restructured paintings.

Material, color and composition are a perpetual challenge to create something new. She strives to blur the lines between abstraction and figuration. She also has a great fascination for evolution, new genres, transformations, and multi-sensual perception that inspires her to create a new world of her own.

Maria has an incredible sensitivity to color. In her abstract compositions the wealth of nature is reduced to a pretext, we can only guess the theme that inspired the artist. She does not show fragments of reality, she recreates them. The unique combination of photography and easel painting gives surprising and intriguing results.

Her works are in several private art collections around the world and are shown internationally.